How long have you been a member of WHEN?

Upon graduating FIU with a Healthcare MBA, one of my goals was to become more involved in the healthcare community, so I joined WHEN at the beginning of 2014.

How has WHEN furthered your career in Healthcare                       Administration?

I have met and “collaborated with several c-suite” professionals and other colleagues in the healthcare community to help organize educational and networking events. Altogether, these experiences have been helpful in expanding my professional network and has made me more knowledgeable in the administrative operations of a professional organization.

Marexis Toca, MSW, MBA, LSSGB

Member since 2012


How do you feel WHEN has evolved?

Naturally, the newer members have brought innovative ideas helping to continue grow the organization. WHEN has managed to “hold strong to its core beliefs and values” of helping to empower women in the healthcare field by “inspiring personal and professional growth.”

What is your vision for WHEN?

My vision for WHEN is that it continues to build on its core values by providing excellent programming and networking opportunities. As well as, finding creative ways of empowering female leadership in the healthcare industry and community.