Just as these cubs make their mark, WHEN continues to make theirs. From mentorship hour program to intimate discussions with executive leaders in our community, our members get the information needed to elevate them higher. I am fostering this legacy onward. The legacy of women healthcare leaders constantly initiating steps to utilize our footprint in the South Florida healthcare jungle.

Bill Phillips stated “The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.” As healthcare executives and leaders, the status quo will not be enough to compete. Our past presidents have gracefully nurtured and protected this organization from infancy. The support from our South Florida community for over 20 years has been unmatched. Thanks to the 2015 board we can celebrate the many enriching programs, facilitated many relationships and celebrated our first installation dinner with members. The baton has been passed and I humbly take on the charge.

Bizu Ejigu, MBA

Welcome to 2016-2017! 

A lion watches, nurtures and protects their cubs. The cubs are taught lessons on how to be a great lion. Finally, a day arrives that the cubs make their footprint. These cubs’ footprints will create a legacy. This legacy will be revered by others in the animal kingdom not for their pose but for their footprint.

Why is this footprint important? 


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