This organization has existed for more than two decades, and together with the board, it is our obligation to make it more successful and maintain this legacy. We must do what we can to enhance the professional development of women in our industry, and provide good value for our members and sponsors.

We are working hard to provide more tangible incentives for our members, and be able to bring aboard many more new professionals, both those who are just starting out in the field and those that are already seasoned executives. With our educational, networking and community events we promote the individual growth, improvement of skills and create more connections for you to succeed in the healthcare executive path.

We are making efforts to expand our presence in the networking arena in South Florida, and make it easy for people to become members, for organizations to become sponsors, and for institutions to be proud to host our educational events.

I thank you for your support.

With hopes for an amazing year,


Johanna Aronov, MBA, LSGB

Johanna Aronov

Dear friends and members of WHEN,

It has been an honor to be elected as President of this great organization. I believe in this great organization because of its very important mission: inspire personal and professional growth, and promote and strengthen leadership excellence for women in the South Florida healthcare industry.

We have a terrific board. We come from different backgrounds and experiences and we all contribute in our own unique ways, but we have a great common quality among all of us - we have passion and determination to get this organization into the forefront.

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