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Women's Healthcare Executive Network 

Sponsorship Program

WHEN’s Sponsorship Program is open to sponsors throughout the year. The association and its members place a high value on sponsorships and provide several benefits. We recognize sponsors at events throughout the full year and extend recognition in announcements, news releases, electronic communications, and on the website. For many sponsorships, we also provide complimentary tickets to WHEN’s events. See the following information for more details. All of these benefits provide you with the recognition that you are looking for your business and networking for your association and company with our members.

This is where South Florida’s leading women in healthcare meet! Would you like to sponsor an event or be annual sponsor?

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​Value as a Sponsor

There are numerous benefits as a sponsor and these are based on the level of your sponsorship. In general, your sponsorship may include:

-  Your company logo on the WHEN website with a direct link to your website

-  Identifying your company by name in press releases, at the event, and in communications

-  Your company logo in the specific event’s electronic announcements

-  Complimentary tickets to networking events

-  A personal, yet professional atmosphere to network with professional women who may need or want your services

-  Complimentary tickets to a full program or event

-  Recognition at the event with a personal introduction

-  An opportunity to distribute information at the event or program

-  Presentation time at an event as the sponsor and to present your expertise

WHEN is a resource for your business or organization. Our diverse membership consists of:

-  Healthcare providers

-  Service providers

-  Consulting & Law firms

-  Insurance providers

-  Other area associations

-  Product manufacturers

Value to WHEN

Your sponsorship provides benefits and defers costs to the association and its members, such as:

-  Visible support for women’s professional development

-  Builds collegiality in healthcare and the affiliated service industry

-  Quality programming

-  Program speakers
-  Facilities & catering

-  Audio-visual equipment

-  Member communications

-  Website development & maintenance

-  Committee functions

Contact us for more details and download our sponsorship information here.

Questions- contact whensfl@whensfl.org.

Women Health Executives Network (WHEN) is a not-for-profit professional organization founded in Chicago in 1981 by a group of professional women health care executives who recognized a need for professional exchange and contact with other professional women in the heath care field.

WHEN of South Florida is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3).