small, so it is important for us to share ideas that will better our healthcare system and the health needs of our community”, she expressed.

Diana added, “Therefore, being a member of WHEN will allow me to continue to gain knowledge and insight to continue building my knowledge in the industry.  I am a firm believer that if you don’t evolve, you don’t blossom.” 

One of Diana’s passions is healthcare education.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism with the hopes of becoming a health educator. “As we know, we need to eat healthier, exercise, and wear sunblock. 
However, my passion, outside my day job, is to find clever ways to deliver this information that will effectively reach the public,” she elaborated.  

In her pastime, Diana loves listening to Disco.  She enjoys artists, such as Donna Summers and Diana Ross.  It never fails, every time she hears a 70s track play, she can’t help but get up and dance, even if she’s at her

New MEmber Highlight

Moment of excitement when Diana was announced as winner of WHEN’s mentor hour raffle at a previous event.

Diana Garcia, BA

MBA Candidate

WHEN Member since 2014

Diana Garcia joined Simply Healthcare Plans as an Auditor in 2012.  She was later promoted to her current role as Clinical Nurse Reviewer for the Nursing Home Diversion.  In her current role, she creates plans of care, in addition to educational materials that are disease-specific or related to preventative examinations and smoking cessation.  Moreover, Diana also administers Health Risk Assessments, which is now a HEDIS & Quality Measurement. 

Within the next five years, Diana’s professional goal is to improve the three
essential characteristics of healthcare in her community: access, quality, and
cost.  Diana attests, “It is a very exciting time to be a professional in the healthcare industry as we are seeing a transformation within our system that I hope will lead us to achieving what I refer to as the “coveted 3”.  It would be
an honor, and my calling, to be a part of the process.” 

As a member of WHEN, Diana is looking forward to learning from both women and men within the healthcare industry. “This industry is very